As of 19th May 2023 #MartialArtsDoneRight has been acquired by BMABA – our sister company who has been underpinning our growth since 2020. This was great news for MADR as it meant better quality cover, better support, better pricing and a huge amount of additional support and resources.

It’s now been a full year since the announcement was made, and the initial emails sent out to all of our members to let them know about the take over. As such, as of 19th May 2024 there is no longer any active cover from the MADR platform. Any recurring annual or monthly payments have stopped effective immediately. You won’t be charged any longer, and existing cover has now expired.

BMABA are still ready and able to help with a same-day activation of new cover. You can sign up afresh from their website or if you specifically want an existing MADR provision carrying over you can contact their team and they will be happy to help.