How We’re Different To NGBs & Associations

We’re not an association or an insurer, and we’re proud of it.

Let’s be clear; we have nothing against either and work closely with both, but the distinction is important when it comes to defining how we’re different.

We are able to act as an independent supplier of martial arts insurance, DBS checks, instructor qualifications, safeguarding training, first aid training and more. You don’t need to join us in the traditional sense. There’s no membership meetings, no regulatory guidelines and no oversight on syllabus, grades or anything else technical.

We’re a service provider – which means you pay us a set fee for a particular service – be that your instructor insurance or student cover – and that’s it. Nice and simple.

What’s The Issue Then?

The role of an association is an important one, for sure. Intrinsically, most of the time martial arts associations will be set up or run by very technically competent martial artists. That’s great for the nitty-gritty stuff; like grade progression, style development, syllabuses, teaching styles and so on.

It also means most associations – as they need to support and to an extent regulate a membership base – need to focus on the finer details of the art(s) they represent.

It doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with being professional, competent or capable of delivering the wide range of professional services and provisions clubs need, however. Insurance is a hugely specialist area in it’s own right. So to is Safeguarding, as is First aid and so on. Delivering training and qualifications takes years of expertise and tens of thousands of pounds of training and qualifications for the coaches themselves. This is often beyond the means of most martial arts associations.

Even when you do find your NGB is able to deliver any one or more of the above, it still begs the question – are you getting the best range and price from the market, or are you being shoehorned into just one provider?

That’s where we come in, and where we’re different.

We Focus Exclusively On Services, Not Standards Or Grades.

We leave regulatory matters and all talk of grades and style development to the expert Associations to decide. Instead, we focus exclusively on providing the end-point services we know martial arts clubs in the UK desperately need. Our work ensures the services are open to all, affordable and professionally delivered, so you can go back to the technical side of your art with your NGB without worrying about whether or not you have your back covered.

“What’s The Catch?”

“Do I Have To Join Anything?”

“Are You Reputable?”


We know, you’ve got questions. Who wouldn’t.