About #MADR

We are not an association, and we’re not an insurer.

We bridge a gap between associations and insurers by providing UK martial arts instructors and clubs with what is often exclusive services tied with affiliations and memberships to governing bodies.

This helps you avoid the needless politics, squabbling and interference that can sometimes be attached to association membership. We know that when you have no option but to use the insurance and other essential services of just one association, you’re often going to end up paying more than you need to and often without a truly professional experience, either.

We can provide everything clubs need; martial arts insurance, DBS checks, safeguarding qualifications, first aid training, coaching courses and more. Our services are professionally delivered and are open to everyone without any requirement to leave your association or to ‘join’ us. You can use us ‘as and when’ you need to, instead of or in compliment to your current association.

We have nothing against associations – infact, we think the licensing, support and regulation they provide clubs with is crucial; but #MartialArtsDoneRight now means you have a politics-free, non-partisan option for all of your key needs should you wish to separate this from your chosen NGB.

This means you can join an association based on their ethos and membership, and not services they can provide. We provide more choice for you, and help you sort your key provisions when your governing body isn’t the best fit. Simple.

Are we trustworthy?

We know; our industry works on reputation. Whilst you may not have necessarily heard of us before, we’ve been here since 2012. We’re also one of the largest martial arts social enterprises in the UK, with an award winning backer who has been single-handedly evolving the UK martial arts industry for more than a decade.

Unlike many associations which are often run from residential addresses, #MartialArtsDoneRight operates from a dedicated 1,400sqft headquarters in West Sussex, complete with a full time staff of trained team members here to help you and your club grow.

Some Of Our Services

“What’s The Catch?”

“Do I Have To Join Anything?”

“Are You Reputable?”


We know, you’ve got questions. Who wouldn’t.

We’re Backed By Industry Giants

#MartialArtsDoneRight is fully supported by the Fighting Chance Foundation. It’s also financially backed by the martial arts powerhouse – the BMABA Group Of Social Enterprises. This formidable combination means we are a fully supported, backed and funded organisation which will grow within the industry for years to come.

We plant trees in the UK and around the world to offset our carbon footprint, and to ensure that your use of our services don’t have any impact on the environment.

New Automated Student Documentation Tool Launched

We know for many clubs it’s difficult to produce accurate membership certificates and licence slips for use at club level. We’ve worked hard to build a student insurance system that will allow clubs the flexibility to assign cover to students 24/7 as required, and to also crucially then re-allocate slots to new students when existing…

UK Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Qualification Goes Live, For Free

We're really proud to announce that #MartialArtsDoneRight can now open access to a specialist 'Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Award' for the very first time. This is the first course of it's type in the United Kingdom for Martial Arts, and it's the first time the course has been available to the open market, regardless of...

All Of Our Martial Arts Insurances Are Coronavirus Ready

We know it’s a trying time for martial arts clubs at the moment. Maybe replace trying with near-impossible and it’s a bit closer to the reality. Coronavirus has decimated the memberships of many clubs and continues to put pressure on instructors and senseis trying to adapt to ever changing rules and regulations. At #MartialArtsDoneRight, we’re…