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Welcome to #MartialArtsDoneRight

We’re a leading provider of the key services martial arts clubs and instructors need. Everything from martial arts student insurance and martial arts instructor insurance through to DBS checks, martial arts coaching qualifications, safeguarding training and more.

We’re not an association and we’re not an insurer. For this reason, we’re able to provide access to a professional, credible set of resources at some of the UK’s best prices.

We bridge the gap between martial arts associations and the insurers by providing UK martial arts instructors and clubs with what is often exclusive services shielded by association membership.

  • Dodge The Politics & Egos

    No hassle, no politics, no talk of grade. Just the provision of professional and much needed martial arts services at some of the UK’s best prices.

  • Truly Affordable Cover

    Using our expert knowledge of the industry and intricate martial arts understanding, we have access to some of the most affordable and wide-reaching martial arts insurances available anywhere in the UK.

  • Backed By Industry Giants

    We’re backed by the BMABA Group Of Social Enterprises; the UK’s biggest group of not-for-profit martial arts social enterprises. This means all of our profits are donated to the Fighting Chance Charity, to help make a meaningful difference through martial arts.

  • Access Essential Services Usually Locked Down To Associations

    We know key provisions and services like safeguarding qualifications, first aid training and coaching courses are usually locked down to associations and NGBs. #MADR gives clubs an independent, affordable option instead.

Looking for a straight forward, affordable way to cover your club?

#MADR provides access to everything you need in one place, without the politics, associations or governance. We’re not an association or a governing body. Instead, we provide access to affordable, flexible martial arts club services on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

Our profits give back to UK Martial Arts.

As part of the BMABA Group, all of our trading profits are donated to the Fighting Chance Foundation who use martial arts to effect change here in the UK. This funds martial arts for children in poverty, knife crime, violence against women and girls and more. We also plant trees and fund clean water projects throughout the world.

Some Of What We Do

We are a real organisation with a real office, not a tin-pot start-up working from a kitchen table.

We know this shouldn’t matter, but in martial arts so many organisations and ‘groups’ spring up and proclaim to be national experts, only to use PO Boxes or Living Rooms for their ‘offices’.

We have a dedicated staff who ensure our clients are well looked after and serviced promptly, with an in-house industry expert who understands not just the technical terminology and positioning of different disciplines, but also the key provisions of insurance, DBS checks, safeguarding and the knock-on bearing this has on clubs.

We plant trees in the UK and around the world to offset our carbon footprint, and to ensure that your use of our services don’t have any impact on the environment.

“What’s The Catch?”

“Do I Have To Join Anything?”

“Are You Reputable?”


We know, you’ve got questions. Who wouldn’t.

New Automated Student Documentation Tool Launched

We know for many clubs it’s difficult to produce accurate membership certificates and licence slips for use at club level. We’ve worked hard to build a student insurance system that will allow clubs the flexibility to assign cover to students 24/7 as required, and to also crucially then re-allocate slots to new students when existing…

UK Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Qualification Goes Live, For Free

We're really proud to announce that #MartialArtsDoneRight can now open access to a specialist 'Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Award' for the very first time. This is the first course of it's type in the United Kingdom for Martial Arts, and it's the first time the course has been available to the open market, regardless of...

All Of Our Martial Arts Insurances Are Coronavirus Ready

We know it’s a trying time for martial arts clubs at the moment. Maybe replace trying with near-impossible and it’s a bit closer to the reality. Coronavirus has decimated the memberships of many clubs and continues to put pressure on instructors and senseis trying to adapt to ever changing rules and regulations. At #MartialArtsDoneRight, we’re…