All Of Our Martial Arts Insurances Are Coronavirus Ready

We know it’s a trying time for martial arts clubs at the moment. Maybe replace trying with near-impossible and it’s a bit closer to the reality. Coronavirus has decimated the memberships of many clubs and continues to put pressure on instructors and senseis trying to adapt to ever changing rules and regulations.

At #MartialArtsDoneRight, we’re following the guidance of our Group Parent. Fortunately for #MADR members, that Group happens to be one of the expert voices in the martial arts industry which means we’re fully equipped to provide constantly evolving cover and provisions to help our insured members recover from Coronavirus.

As standard, all instructor insurances we provide feature as standard and at no extra cost;

  • Cover for the delivery of online training – both live and pre-recorded. This cover will continue post-lockdown too, to help you continue to offer your students extra curricular learning opportunities.
  • Cover for the delivery of lessons outdoors, both 1to1 and 1to5 (as well as other variations as and when lockdown rules adapt)

It’s important to stress that, just like all insurances, there will be conditions and requirements attached to each extra provision of insurance. These are common sense additions that are effectively based on following Government Guidance. Don’t worry; we provide everyone with open access to these conditions before committing to any insurances. You can register a free account to view this from the #MADR hub from here.

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