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#MartialArtsDoneRight are an expert and leading provider of martial arts specific DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checks. We can provide checking services for instructors, coaches and staff – both paid and voluntary – across all styles of martial arts.

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What Are DBS Checks & Who Needs One?

Martial Arts DBS Checks (which stands for Disclosure & Barring Service checks) replaces what was previously a CRB check.

It is effectively a criminal record check at various levels of depth for people who work in specific roles or with specific types of vulnerable people.

For martial arts instructors an enhanced DBS check is usually essential if you’re teaching anyone under the age of 18 or if you’re working with adults at risk. Your Governing Body or Association should be able to advise you accordingly but it is typically a requirement of many insurances and association memberships.

Martial Arts DBS Checks FAQs

What is a DBS Check?

A DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) Check is effectively a report on a person’s criminal history. There are different versions available – Basic, Standard and Full depending on the level of vetting required. Each check will search for an applicant’s criminal record, searching additional types of register and record from basic through to enhanced. There is a different type of check for Scotland, known as a PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Group) scheme. This is separate to DBS checks.

Who Needs One? Is It Just Instructors?

There are lots of roles and professions that require DBS checks of different levels, but specifically to martial arts, typically you’ll need to hold an enhanced DBS check if;

  • You teach anyone under the age of 18 (a child, as defined by law)
  • You teach adults at risk (i.e: severely disabled adults, or a referral from social services – for example).

It doesn’t matter if the person is an instructor or not – it’s to do with unsupervised access. For example, your club treasurer might have the opportunity or access to be with a child without supervision on a regular basis. This could be sufficient to justify them requiring a DBS check to an enhanced level inline with your club’s safeguarding policy.

What Types Of Martial Arts DBS Check Are There?

It’s pointing out there is no check that is exclusively for martial arts. DBS checks are primarily designed for employers but everybody who requires on will undergo the same checking process.


The different three types of disclosure are;

Basic Disclosures are typically applicable to fairly standard roles – such as visa applications, alcohol / premise licenses etc. For martial arts instructors it’s unlikely to be sufficient, although it may be appropriate for treasurers or other committee staff who do not have access to vulnerable adults or children. Anyone can apply for a Basic Disclosure for themselves. A basic disclosure will only search unspent convictions.

Standard Disclosures are more thorough than basic, and will disclose unspent convictions as well as Spent convictions, Cautions, Warnings and Reprimands. A typical example of a professional who might require this would be a solicitor, traffic warden or someone in the security industry. Whilst this is a much more thorough check, if you or a member of your club is undertaking unsupervised access to children and/or adults at risk, you might want to consider the enhanced disclosure.

Enhanced Disclosures are the most thorough available DBS check. They’re broken down into enhanced (with Childrens or Adults barred list) or enhanced (without Childrens or Adults barred list). Which one you need depends on what you’re doing, but effectively if the Childrens or Adults barred list is not included, the enhanced check advanced the standard disclosure by also checking for any additional police information. This might include Acquittals, Findings of innocence, Other Police intelligence (including allegations) among other things.

Can I Apply For A DBS Check For Myself?

No, you can’t apply for an enhanced DBS check on yourself as an individual. You need a group or employer to do this for you. That’s where #MartialArtsDoneRight can help. We’re a registered body licensed to countersign DBS checks through our umbrella checking organisation, Aaron’s Department. When you register for free with us, you can access enhanced DBS checks through our ‘organisation’. This allows even single-instructor led clubs to run Enhanced DBS checks on themselves through us.

What Is A Paid Role And A Volunteer Role?

DBS checks are split into two categories; paid and volunteer. Most applicants will be paid roles. You can only (by law) qualify for a volunteer check if the person whom is undergoing the check receives absolutely no remuneration other than purely out of pocket expenses. This might include, for example, a volunteer who helps out with a class but receives absolutely no wage or salary other than – for example – petrol money. If you run the club yourself and make an income – even if it’s only £2 per month – you would still be defined as a paid role.

How Long Does It All Take?

The official guidance on the time it takes DBS checks to complete from the point at which your completed application is submitted is 4-6 weeks. That said, in 99% of cases we have seen checks completed and returned typically within one week and sometimes within as little as 24 hours. The time it takes may depend on circumstances such as previous convictions or living abroad etc.

Prices & Fees

Fees are split into two categories;


Paid Roles

Enhanced Check: £64.00

Standard Check: £55.00


Volunteer Roles

Enhanced Check: £22.00

Standard Check: £22.00

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How Does The DBS Check Process Work And What Do I Need To Do?

  • Register & Pay Online
    Start by purchasing the relevant DBS check online via our system. You can sign up to our platform free of charge, and then you'll be able to purchase a DBS check.
  • Complete An Online Application
    Once your DBS check begins, you'll receive instructions to login to our DBS check provider's online checking portal. Here you can complete the application process to confirm who you are, where you live and your background.
  • Provide Proof Of ID
    At the moment, by law you MUST provide ORIGINAL ID to our office as part of the identification verification process. We have undertaken hundreds of checks without any issues here. Simply send us your ID in a secure packet via a tracked postal service. We will verify, scan and return your documents the same day by a tracked and insured service.
  • Your DBS Application Is Complete
    Once your application is complete and we can confirm your ID, we'll submit your DBS application to the Disclosure & Barring Service. They will then process the check and issue it straight to your door.

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