Questions & Answers

We know, you’re probably sceptical. Rightly so. The martial arts world is a funny one and we know there are alot of ‘tin-pot’ organisations out there. We put together our FAQs with this in mind. You’ll find a growing list of common questions and answers designed to help you get your head around us and our service.

Who Are You? Just Another Random Organisation?
Nope, we're not. We are a leading part of the BMABA Group of Social Enterprises - one of the largest collectives of not for profit martial arts organisations in the UK. #MartialArtsDoneRight is built off the back of nearly a decade of industry-excellence and experience. You can learn more about our story here.
Are You An Insurer?
No, we're not. We run a membership scheme through extension of our Foundation. You're not joining any association or NGB or anything else like that. Instead, it's a collective of clubs and instructors who wish to use our exclusive services and tools.
Are You An Association?
No, we're not. We love the work associations do and support this part of the industry fully but we're not a membership organisation like that. We don't require proof of grade or anything else like that, and we play no part in the regulation of grades, syllabus or anything else. We provide an advertised professional service - nothing more. No tie-ins, no politics. Simple. You can learn more from here.
Is There Someone I Can Talk To?
Yes, ofcourse. You can call our specialist in-house at any point during the usual working week. Call us on 01798 306569. If you can't get through or it's out of hours you can also reach us via Facebook Messenger here.
Do I have to register and use your insurances?
No, you don't. You can register for free and then explore all of the different services we offer. You might not want to use any of our insurances and that's absolutely fine.
Can I join an association and be a part of #MADR?
Yes you can and we actively recommend it. We think associations do a great job of representing clubs and developing grassroots competition and participation. Using #MADR allows you to use an association of your choosing without having to worry about the price they charge for student cover, the availability of coaching courses or the provisions in place for things like DBS. You can use #MADR for your core services and then choose an association, NGB or supporting body of your choice based on their ethics and values.