Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Qualification

    An Industry-Leading Online Course Designed To Help Instructors Control & Mitigate The Risk Of Coronavirus In Martial Arts

    We’re proud to offer the UK Martial Arts Industry’s first open-access Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Qualification.

    The #MADR Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Certification course for Instructors is designed to introduce instructors and coaches to the issue of resuming teaching within a Covid-19 exit strategy.

    The course will look at preparation, hygiene, control and mitigation of the risks posed by Coronavirus within a martial arts setting with a view to assisting instructors in making sensible, well-informed decisions on how to prepare and run covid-safer martial arts lessons. This course will also guide an instructor through creating a Covid-19 exit strategy and Covid-19 Club Policy to help with matters such as;

    > Maximum class sizes

    > Insurance & Health And Safety

    > Drop Off & Collection

    > Social Distancing

    > Equipment

    > First Aid Considerations

    Signage & Communication


    > Syllabus Variations & Gradings

    > Designating A Covid Contact

    > Virtual Lessons & Remote Learning

    > Payments & Admin

    > Outdoor Training

    This course is designed specifically for martial arts instructors and coaches and was devised by BMABA Training Services.

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    Fully-Certified, Professional Looking Certification

    Part of the course is designed to help you instil confidence in parents, students and the wider community when the time comes to open your club again. The course covers crucial elements – from understanding how the virus spreads through to your own internal policy to manage social distancing.

    When you complete our covid-aware martial arts instructor qualification, you will be awarded a customised certificate, instantly.

    Intuitive Online Learning

    No waiting to be enrolled, no clunky systems or hard to access resources. Our online Martial Arts Coronavirus Qualification is professionally designed to look fantastic on any device, meaning you can gain your Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Qualification anywhere, on any device, at any time.

    What’s The Cost?

    You can purchase access to the course and instantly get started for just a single, one-off fee. This price includes;

    The Entire Online Course
    Any Help & Support Needed
    Certification Upon Completion

    £14.29 One-Time Fee

    £8.29 For A Limited Time

    We initially funded more than 100 instructors through this course without obligation or cost, understanding what a crucial time this is for our industry. Now we have exhausted this initial funding source, our Group has agreed to continue heavily subsidising the course for as long as possible, hence the discounted price. This will not be available indefinitely.

    This is being subsidised by the BMABA Group of Social Enterprises. We receive no help or support from Sport England.

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    With thanks to the BMABA Group of Social Enterprises for funding an introductory batch of training for our first 100 learners and then subsequent subsidy for on-going learners, and to the BMABA for their specialist contributions to technical matters. This qualification has been created without any funding or support from Sport England.

    New Covid-Aware Martial Arts Qualification

    Just £8.29 including certification, for a limited time only.

    NEW - Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Qualification.
    One of fee of £8.29 including certification, for a limited time only.